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Writing Exercise (PDF): Capturing Big Feelings

February is here. A short month with a lot on its shoulders.

We have Valentine's Day, which, no matter your feelings on the holiday, can trigger an emotional response. It's American Heart Month, a time to reflect and consider how healthy your ticker is and what changes you should make. And, of course, it's Black History Month, which for me triggers a host of "big" feelings that I sometimes find difficult to organize: sadness, anger, happiness, frustration, a sense of injustice ...

Writing about "big" feelings can be difficult. And we don't only have big feelings over big events, like black history. We have them about little things, too: jealousy over a friend's appearance, frustration with a child, happiness over a win at work.

This month's free printable offers a way to examine and write about big feelings using sensory brainstorming and visualization. I've done the exercise many times using different feelings and abstract nouns and different images. Sometimes the result is writing I'm happy to share with others. Sometimes it's just for me. But every time I've come away with a better sense of how I feel and what it means.

Looking for more printable activities? Check out the resource page!

If you work with your big feelings, let me know how it goes!

Happy writing!


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