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Poems: Three Poems by Dara

During National Poetry Month, I'm celebrating by sharing poems from community members and newsletter subscribers!

Today is the final day of National Poetry Month, and I'm thrilled to close out the sharing of poems written by community members with three special pieces by artist, writer, and my friend, Dara.

Dara creates pieces that fuse visual art with the written word, resulting in poems that are both seen and heard. She is also spearheading a special project that supports the Ukrainian freedom fight. Please take a moment to visit for more information.

Enjoy her beautiful work!


by Dara



by Dara



by Dara


About the poet:

Dara was born on the other side of the planet, survived the crash of USSR, grew up in Ukraine, and lived in Ireland before settling in California. She's been writing since the last century, experimenting with the fusion of visual art and poetry. A mathematician by degree, an artist by calling, she is still looking for her place in the Universe. Dara’s poetry has been published in Celebrate Creativity: A Cupertino Community Anthology, and you can view her collection of photographs on Facebook. Her latest project, Cards For Peace, is devoted to the Ukrainian fight for freedom. Please visit to learn more and to support the effort.

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01 พ.ค. 2566

Dara's poems inspire deep emotion and gratitude. Her graphics pair perfectly with her poems. I especially love the one about the trees.

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