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About me

Kaecey McCormick

My Story

Greetings! My name is Kaecey McCormick, and I'm writer and visual artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. My poetry and prose has found a home or is forthcoming in different online and print journals including One Sentence Poems, Clockhouse, and Poetry South and two chapbooks, Sleeping with Demons (2023) and Pixelated Tears (2018). I served as poet laureate for the city of Cupertino, California, from 2018-2020, and when I'm not writing or making art, I'm hiking in the beautiful hills and mountains of Northern California, spending time with my family, or reading a book. 

My creative life bloomed when I embraced the concept of being an everyday creative - someone focused more on the process or creativity, on its many benefits rather than the finished product; someone who comes to the page or canvas with a willingness to experiment and grow; someone who celebrates the unique creative expression and abilities of all people. 


Visual art is a natural extension of my imaginative side, and I'm rarely without my art supplies - even on the go. I'm not a professional artist, but art plays such a large role in my life that a few years ago, I began embracing the identity of "artist." I work intuitively, from a place of intention, and change my tools and materials when it feels right.  

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