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Kaecey McCormick

My Story

Greetings! My name is Kaecey McCormick, and I'm writer and visual artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I served as Poet Laureate for the city of Cupertino from 2018-2020. In addition to my nonfiction and poetry books, I've published poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in anthologies, literary websites, and numerous literary journals and magazines. I also write longer fiction in different genres under different pen names. 

I spent much of my childhood with my nose in a book or leading a crowd of my friends on an adventure built conceived from one of the many imaginary worlds in my mind. Like most children, I also loved painting, playing with clay, and do anything creative... and I liked to share my ideas and resources with as many people as possible. In fact, I held my first creative "workshop" for my sisters and our neighborhood friends when I was eight years old!  

As I grew older, I felt unsure about my creative abilities and kept my work hidden from view. I worried I wasn't talented enough to be a "real" writer or artist. My creative life bloomed when I embraced the concept of being an everyday creative - someone focused more on the process its benefits rather than the finished product, who comes to the page or canvas with a willingness to experiment and grow, and who celebrates the unique creative expression and abilities of all people. 


Visual art is a natural extension of my imaginative side, and I'm rarely without my art supplies - even on the go. I'm not a professional artist, but art plays such a large role in my life that a few years ago, I began embracing the identity of "artist." When I comes to my visual art, I work intuitively, from a place of intention, and change my tools and materials when it feels right. One of my favorite tools is art journaling, which I try to do daily. I also play with other art. Currently, I'm into mixed media painting and collage as well as watercolor and ink. You can take a peek at what I'm up to by looking here.  

I'm also a dedicated creativity adventurer. I'm willing to try any creative endeavor at least once and use what I learn to inform future work. Nature plays a large role in both my visual and language art, and I use my daily hikes to feed my muse and experience more of this amazing planet we all share. 


It took me a long time to get to this creative space with many bumps and stops along the way. I got there through much trial and error, developing helpful rituals and routines, and working to enrich my mind, body, and spirit


I'm now fortunate to spend my days putting words on the page and paint and on paper, but I don't want to create alone! For years, I've dreamed about building a community of everyday creatives and a safe space to experiment, learn, practice, and celebrate our creative achievements - without fear of judgment.

During my years teaching and facilitating writing and art workshops and classes, I listened to many people express self-doubt and fear about creative expression - just like me. I decided to share what I've learned (and am learning!) on my creative journey with the hope that I might help others find the peace and joy that comes with being an everyday creative.


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