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From the Bookshelves: some blue, a little spur

In the collection some blue, a little spur (Uncollected Press, 2023), poet Kris Falcon delves deep into the human psyche, weaving a tapestry of poems that are as enigmatic as they are lovely. Together, the poems create a compelling blend of introspection, surrealism, and emotional depth. Each piece is a journey into the complexities of the human experience. 

Falcon explore themes such as the human condition, nature, the passage of time, identity, inner conflict, and the duality of desire, often through juxtaposition of ordinary against the surreal, as when the poet writes “I’ve switched my route to graffiti where/storefronts would drop/spiked blends to laced Wellies” (34). In poems like “West End” (7), Falcon takes readers on a personal and introspection ride with raw, emotional vulnerability, capturing the paradoxes of human desire and the nuances of intimacy and relationships. 

Throughout the collection, Falcon’s repeated use of vivid imagery, for example, “Amber light on/champagne sheets. Lush lair to unfold in” (27), creates a rich poetic landscape. The poems, which are devoid of structural constraints or consistency, allow for the fluid and organized exploration of subjects like nature, time, and the subconscious mind. Falcon’s stylistic choices both showcase the poet’s versatility and enhance reader engagement. 

“A rich tapestry of themes, styles, and images”

While the speaker’s voice remains conversational in tone across the collection, it ranges from introspective to existential. Many of the poems lean heavily toward the lyric, marked by abstraction, abrupt shifts in thought and imagery, and a tendency to evoke feelings and thoughts. The often dream-like images are unexpected and surprising, such as “Algorithms sift lapses now” (24) and “devise wails to drive out weevil/orgies rotting palms” (14), leaving ample room for reflection and interpretation of the layered meanings. 

Ultimately, Falcon’s collection is a testament to the power of poetry in articulating the inarticulable, guiding readers through the depths of emotions and thought and presented by a unique voice that is haunting and deeply resonant. This book of poems is a must-read for anyone seeking poetry that challenges, comforts, and captivates in equal measure. 

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Happy reading and writing!

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