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Focus on fiction + publication!

National Poetry Month is over, and I plan to spend the month of May focusing on fiction.

To that end, I'm beyond thrilled to kick off the month by sharing that my literary flash fiction piece, "A Woman's Life," has been selected for publication with Third Wednesday!

It will be included in their print issue for Summer 2023, but it's available to preview now on their website. Check it out by following this link.

This story is part of a collection I'm working on, and it's the second piece from that collection to land in a journal this year. I plan to continue working on new pieces and submitting them as they come. I'm not sure when the collection will be complete, but I hope to have it polished and ready to submit to publishers some time in the next two years.

As the month continues, I'll be posting fiction reviews and other fiction-related information. If there's anything in particular you're interested in or any resources you need, let me know! You can reach me through the contact page on my website or by emailing me.

And be sure to check back each week for helpful resources and information!

Until next week, happy writing!

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Lois Miller
Lois Miller
Jul 05, 2023

Amazing article! I absolutely love the tips you shared for aspiring authors. By the way, if anyone is looking for eye-catching premade fiction book covers, make sure to check out 'Book Cover Marketplace' - they offer stunning designs that can bring your story to life!

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