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Creative Feedback: Giving and Receiving Like a Boss

If you're like most people, receiving feedback on your creative work isn't one of your favorite activities. Even for the toughest of creatives, it's usually enough to make your stomach tighten. And for some of us, the idea of other people dissecting our creative babies is enough to send us running for hills.

Interestingly, it's not just receiving feedback that has us creatives shaking in our shoes. Most of us are also wary about giving creative feedback. Some of us aren't sure how to go about giving meaningful feedback, others worry about the reactions we might receive, and some simply don't feel qualified.

As difficult as giving and receiving creative feedback can feel, however, it's something worth exploring. Creative feedback - both giving and receiving - brings numerous benefits to your creative practice. For example, practicing how you receive feedback helps you learn to see important themes and how they're understood by your audience while practicing your feedback giving skills helps you improve problem-solving in your own creative work.

I've decided to dive deep into these benefits and give you step-by-step help on how to be a better giver and recipient of feedback today at noon Pacific during my free Lunch Hour Language Artists workshop!

We'll get an overview of creative feedback, then dive in with hands-on practice. You can take part by joining the Creativity Unlimited Facebook group or by signing up for my email list!

Ready to get started? Join my free creative feedback workshop today (4/3) at noon Pacific!


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