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Wet Weather Wonders

After months of bone-dry weather, it’s raining here in Northern California. This means that my normally dusty trails are mud covered—and in some places the waterfalls have returned. Hurrah! Our reservoirs and water table have been dangerously low, and getting rain is a relief.

As a writer, I love walking in the rain (or the hours shortly thereafter) and soaking up the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures the wet world offers. While nothing compares to the experience of being in the woods after a heavy rain, I snap pictures to trigger my memory when I sit down to craft a poem or prose piece.

Here are a few photos from my nature walks this wet, wet weekend that have inspired my writing and might offer something for yours:

You can use one or more of these photos as a prompt for a story by dropping a character into the setting, or look at the different colors and textures and think of ways to incorporate them into a poem.

If you use something from one of these pictures, tell me about it in the comments on this post or by contact me and let me know!

Happy writing!


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