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Places to Take Creative Writing Workshops & Classes Online in 2023 (PART TWO)

This week continues the list of place to take creative writing workshop and classes online. I'll keep adding to this list throughout the month of March, so if you know of an organization or group, please share it with me! I did this with one of the online learning locations this week, thanks to my dear friend and MFA buddy Emily Vieweg.

Below you'll find the list of the next ten places you can take creative writing workshops and classes online. I’ve noted the format (e.g., video meetings; asynchronous text; email; etc.), genres, and whether I’ve taken a class there by marking them with a heart .

For tips on how to select and make the most of your online creative writing learning experience, check out last week's post! And if you're curious about my experience with any of the classes or workshops I've taken (marked with a ♥), don't hesitate to reach out and ask me about it.

Once again, in no particular order…

(The next ten) places to study creative writing online in 2023:

♥ = I've taken a class/workshop there

  1. The Loft (suggested by poet Emily Vieweg!) Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination)

  2. Sarah Lawrence Writing Institute Most genres Usually by Zoom

  3. The Writers Studio Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination)

  4. Gotham Writers Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination)

  5. Attic Institute Fiction, CNF, poetry, intro to writing Usually by Zoom

  6. Creative Live Most genres including business writing **Asynchronous, recorded lectures** Some free options!

  7. The Kenyon Review CNF, fiction, poetry, translation By Zoom **Week-long workshops, by application**

  8. Button University (through Button Poetry) Poetry By Zoom

  9. Lit Reactor Mostly prose Text, some phone/Zoom components possible

  10. Curtis Brown Most literary genres Text with video, option for added tutor critique

Stay tuned next week for even more places to boost your creative writing skills and fill your creative well online!

Know somewhere or someone offering online creative writing classes or workshops? Send me an email and let me know!

You can also tell me about your online learning experience in the comments on this post or by contacting me directly!

Until next week, happy writing!


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