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Places to Take Creative Writing Workshops & Classes Online in 2023 (PART ONE)

At heart, I am a learner. If it had been an option, I would have stayed at university forever. I probably should have gone into academia, but life (aka four children in under four years) had other plans.

Fortunately for me (and other lifelong learners), education doesn’t stop when you leave school. Learning is all around us. For writers, reading and writing and reading as a writer and then more writing is the best way to learn about your craft. There are also countless books about writing, from getting started to complex analyses of specific techniques.

Doing this has been instrumental in my personal writing journey. But one thing all of this self-study lacks is interaction. The exchange of thoughts in real time (or close to it) with another human looking at and thinking about the same topic. The feedback and questions that being in a classroom draws out. The camaraderie and networking studying together brings.

I love going to in-person writing workshops and classes. However, as a busy human (like you), the classes don’t always work with my schedule. Or there aren’t any classes within a reasonable distance from my home. Or the classes that are available are full / not the right fit / too expensive.

Enter online learning

I’ve been taking online writing workshops and classes for some time. One of the good things that came out of the pandemic is that even more classes are now virtual or have boosted their online offerings. But they still aren’t always easy to find, hidden away on page five (or fifteen) of your Google search results.

What follows is a list of ten places you can take creative writing workshops and classes online. I’ve noted the format (e.g., video meetings; asynchronous text; email), genres, and whether I’ve taken a class there by marking them with a heart .

Because I’ve found so many places offering virtual creative writing workshops, I’m breaking up my (very long) list into multiple posts, so stay tuned for the next installment for even more resources.

I’ve had some good experiences and some better experiences. But I’ve never had an experience where I wished I hadn’t dived in and tried. You never know what will arise from a prompt, lecture, or feedback session. I like to go in with an open, beginner’s mind and see what shows up on the page.

Don’t make the mistake I’ve made (okay, still make) and get excited then find yourself enrolled in too many writing classes. Try taking one at a time, and try taking them through different organizations with different instructors.

Do be sure to look at the instructor’s bio and feedback or reviews. Go to their website. Read what they write. I’ve had friends take a class with an instructor only to find out the teacher isn’t a good fit. And always email the instructor for clarification about the course and with any questions before you enroll.

Okay, ready? Here we go, in no particular order…

(The first ten) places to study creative writing online in 2023:

♥ = I've taken a class there

  1. Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination; uses Wet Ink)

  2. New York Writers Workshop Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination)

  3. Corporeal Writing Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination)

  4. Writing Co-Lab Most genres Usually by Zoom

  5. Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination; uses Wet Ink)

  6. Hugo House Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination)

  7. Grub Street Most genres Format varies by class (video, text, combination; uses Wet Ink)

  8. Brooklyn Poets Workshops Poetry Usually by Zoom

  9. 24 Pearl Street (through the Fine Arts Work Center) Fiction, poetry, CNF, mixed-genre Format varies by class (video, text, combination—sometimes has “spring” workshops)

  10. Strathmore Virtual Creative Writing Workshops Most literary genres Usually by Zoom

Next week, my Monday post will have even more places you can hone your craft with virtual learning. =)

In the meantime, I’d LOVE to know where you’ve taken online creative writing classes or places you’ve bookmarked for future reference. Send me an email and let me know!

Have you taken an online creative writing class? Tell me about your experience in the comments on this post or by contacting me directly!

Until next week, happy writing!


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