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Poetry in National Poetry Month!

Greetings and Happy National Poetry Month!

I'm excited to kick off my April blog posts with poetry during this month dedicated to celebrating the power of this unique art form. This month offers a wonderful opportunity to pause and soak up the words of many poets, and I'm happy to contribute to the chorus!

I'm also happy to share that I'll be showcasing poems from reader LIKE YOU throughout the month of April. Please email me with any questions about the project or to submit poetry. You can also submit work through my contact page. (Links at the bottom of the post!)

The 30/30 Project -- Thirty Days of Poems!

If you haven't heard of The 30/30 Project from Tupelo Press, April is a wonderful month to stop by their website and visit with the participating poets (hint: I'm one of them!). Tupelo is a non-profit indie press committed to giving poetry a place in today's world. Every month, they showcase the writing of a cohort of poets who commit to writing and posting a poem draft every day.

It's always free to read the poems, but supporters are encouraged to sponsor a poet with small donation that helps support the continuation of this small, non-profit press.

This is a great way to read the LATEST, FRESHEST poems!

Please check out my poet page here and read the poems of my cohort and me here. If you have any questions about my experience, drop me a line--I'd love to chat about it!

My April Poetry Publications

A while back, I announced I was a finalist at SIXFOLD. The judging may have ended a few months ago, but April is publication month! You can purchase a print copy of the poetry journal through Amazon (or consider the Kindle version). Or, you can download a PDF version of the journal here. Finally, I'd love for you to check out my four poems by clicking here!

Next, you can check out "Entering," a short prose poem that came out in Issue 37 (Gone With Stars and Moons) of Unbroken, a journal dedicated to prose poetry. I'm in love with the art they paired with my poem, and I'm thrilled to have found a home for this little piece.

I also have a poem slated for publication with the pop culture poetry journal Drunk Monkeys. I've been wanted to write this poem, called "Steph Curry," for some time, and I'm glad I did and that it found a home. It's a departure for me to write about basketball--let's be honest: any sport. But like most poems, this poem isn't really about the sport. I'll update the link here when it goes live.

Finally, I'm happy to share that my poem "Dandelion Wishes" placed third in the Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize contest from The Heartland Review. It will appear in their Spring Issue, and I'll update the link to this print journal here when it comes out.

Send me your poems!

In upcoming posts, I'll be sharing some poetry inspiration, different writing prompts, and poems from readers LIKE YOU! If you'd like to submit a poem for consideration on my website this month, please email me or submit them through the contact page. I'm excited to offer a place for poets of all stages and ages to showcase their work. If you have any specific questions about the process, please don't hesitate to ask me!

Thank you for celebrating poetry with me this month!

Until next time, happy writing!


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