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Poem: Kitchen Colors by Lisa Scott-Ponce

I'm happy to continue sharing poems from community members and newsletter subscribers during National Poetry Month with this piece from poet Lisa Scott-Ponce.

Kitchen Colors

Buttery sunlight streams through the kitchen window

Of a house with a restrictive covenant.

Fresh coffee and cinnamon toast perfume the air.

A little girl with hazel eyes sits at a tan Formica table,

Short legs dangling from her sticky seat over the checkerboard floor.

Two aproned, attentive grandmothers fawn over her like obsequious waiters.

Two women, slightly wary of each other.

Offering gifts of golden eggs and orange juice.

The Mayflower has sapphire eyes and a generous bosom.

Because of her face, she feels secure anywhere she goes.

The Tapatia, with her coffee bean eyes and accented speech,

Knows to toe the line.

Reluctant to favor one over the other,

The child knows she is connected to both,

Wonders that they might even all belong to each other.

Glancing down to the stained linoleum floor,

She peers at the alternating tiles of dark and white,

Separate squares,

Repeating across the floor,

Never blending.


About the poet:

Lisa Scott-Ponce is a Bay Area native and San Jose State graduate. Her poetry and prose have been published in the anthologies Cooking Up Stories and . Celebrate Creativity: A Cupertino Community Anthology. She finds inspiration for creative writing EVERYWHERE. Lisa also likes to swim, bike, knit, sew quilts for charities, and cook for her five grandchildren.


If you'd like to help celebrate poetry during April by sharing your words with the world, I'd love to have you participate! All you need to do is send me 1-3 poems along with a brief third-person bio and a recent photo if desired.


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