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National Poetry Month Project: Door Hangers

My friend and poet Deborah LeFalle told me about one of the ways she celebrates National Poetry Month, then she made some for me with my own poetry (thank you, Deborah!). I was so in love with this project that I have to share.

Deborah makes poetry door hangers with a message explaining the card on the front and a poem on the back. Simple yet so lovely and effective at spreading poetry!

This year, she combined the celebration of Earth Day and National Poetry month by using themed poems that relate to nature. Here's a look at the cards and the one we have on our greenhouse:

I think this is a fun way to spread poetry to your neighbors, friends, and family, and next year I plan to make my own with a different theme (not sure what yet--but I have a year to figure it out!). I also think this is a great project for kids who can practice handwriting by writing a haiku on the back and art skills by illustrating it on the front.

There are so many possibilities of what to do with this project--I'm excited to dive in! Thank you, Deborah, for the fantastic idea!

If you make a door hanger, share it with me via email or the contact page on my website!

Happy National Poetry Month, and happy writing!

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24 abr 2023

I love this idea too. I'm very much enjoying all the beautiful poetry you're showcasing on your blog!

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Kaecey McCormick
Kaecey McCormick
24 abr 2023
Contestando a

Thanks, Lisa!

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