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Building Voice Together: Collective Poetry

Yesterday, at Sonic Boom, the first session in my Sound and Sense workshop series, our warm-up exercise was to collectively write a poem. Each participant contributed one line, but to ensure some cohesiveness and pattern we voted on three things each line must have: each line had to begin with “You,” contain a type of weather, and showcase a feeling. Each writer then read his or her line aloud, one after the other, and it was often serendipitous in word choice, emotion, and weather.

Here is our collective poem (unedited):

All that You Are

You set me on fire in this stormy sea. You, my dear storm-torn sea, abcdeplease show me the joyful white tops of your waves. You look so blue; could it be the last thirty days of rain? You open summer rains to water my joy. You make me feel the sunshine when it rains. You tearfully rain down on my fretful life. You and your melancholy are the humid summer air, abcdechoking my love into lifelessness. You love blustery winds. You bluster along in a most annoying way. You look out over the crowd, feeling the queasiness that comes before a storm. You are a drizzle of calm in my fear. You shiver when gentle raindrops stroke your nose. You create a hurricane of anxiety in my soul. You are lost in fog, abcdefeeling forgotten.

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