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A Trio of Poems by Flo Oy Wong

During National Poetry Month, I'm celebrating by sharing poems from community members and newsletter subscribers!

If you'd like to participate, send me 1-3 poems along with a brief third-person bio and a recent photo if desired.

I'm thrilled to continue the celebration of poetry this weekend with a trio of gorgeous poems by Flo Oy Wong. I met Flo when I served as Cupertino Poet Laureate, and she's never stopped amazing me with her poetry and endless energy!

in cusp of night

in cusp of night

zipping the day

trees stand in stillness

though light still glows

leafless limbs behave

like young ones napping

when will branches sway again

to answer charge of the wind

steaming splashing hot

chunks of tender chicken

some big some small

afloat in reddish golden broth

steaming splashing hot

from the earth a bouquet

of diced white potatoes

orangey carrot bits

steaming splashing hot

from the farmer ribbed celery

hints of wilted white onions

kiss of aromatic turmeric

steaming splashing hot

from the potter orange bowl

circular sturdy openings

broth gurgling to the top

steaming splashing hot

from the grandson who cooks

peck for his pensive Paw Paw*

reposing in glossamer glow

steaming splashing hot

green eyes, dark eyes

green eyes


color of jade

hints of yellow

as the man bends

he comes closer

crossing uninvited

into my space

too close

fear gushes

wrapping my tension

i sniff his unwashed body

choking, i am aware

that i, an elder asian,

am alone

dark eyes


hints of kindness

perhaps wisdom

i stand in line

to buy takeout

chinese food

when i see him

our eyes connect

he speaks

i listen

he asks me

to buy him

some fried chicken

i buy what $3 can


my husband

standing behind me

says that’s good


About the poet:

Flo Oy Wong, artist/poet/educator, was born and raised in Oakland Chinatown. In 2018, she published her first book of art and poetry, Dreaming of Glistening Pomelos. She is a member of The Last Hoisan Poets, a group that reads in their ancestral dialect of Hoisan-wa. She studied art at De Anza College and Foothill College. She is a member of Ron Miller’s Poetry Circle and the Fab 5 poetry group.

1 Comment

Apr 24, 2023

Wonderful poems, and I especially like Green Eyes Dark Eyes - very powerful and haunting.

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