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Kaecey McCormick

My Story

Greetings! My name is Kaecey McCormick, and I'm an award-winning language and visual artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I served as Poet Laureate for the City of Cupertino from 2018-2020 and loved sharing the power of creativity with my community.

I can't remember a time when I didn't live half in this world and half in the worlds of make-believe with interesting characters inside my head. As a young child, you could find me with my nose in a book or leading a crowd of my friends on a made-up adventure.


Visual art is a natural extension of my creative streak, and I'm rarely without my art supplies - even when on the go. I work intuitively and change my tools and materials when it feels right. Currently, I'm into mixed media collage and painting. 

It took me some time to get to this creative space with many bumps and stops along the way, but I'm now fortunate to spend my days putting words on the page and paint and on paper. (Read more about some of my books here!)






I'm also a dedicated creativity adventurer. I'm willing to try any creative endeavor at least once and use what I learn to shape my creativity. Nature plays a large role in my creative life, so I include daily hikes to feed my creative muse and help me experience adventure in my life! 

Celebrate Creativity
Pixelated Tears


Values for a Creative Life

Mind Body Spirit.png

mind - body - spirit

There is a connection between our minds,  bodies, and spirits. An imbalance in one affects the others and impacts our creative spark. Finding balance helps us live our best lives, including our best creative life.

you are enough.png

you are enough

You already have the knowledge, abilities, and wisdom to guide yourself in the direction you want to go, but sometimes we need help hearing and listening to our inner voice.   

creativity is power.png

creativity is power

Creative exploration and expression helps us find balance and leads us back to our inner wisdom. It can re-ignite our passion for life, helping us make meaning of our experiences as we go.