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Writing is challenging, but your writing practice doesn’t need to be! In this hands-on guide, learn about the process of building a writing practice with weekly topics on creating a writing routine, checklists to help you start writing, and inspiration for your creative practice.


  • Find out where to begin your writing journey.

  • Keep practicing with exercises and inspiration.

  • Get through writing roadblocks.

This is everything you need to start writing today and keep writing tomorrow! Available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold. 

Celebrate Creativity

A poetry and prose anthology that holds a sampling of extraordinary writing by everyday people. With its more than eighty contributors, Celebrate Creativity shares the voices of a community, from elementary students to seasoned nonagenarians. 

Pixelated Tears

From the publisher: " Pixelated Tears explores life through a poetic lens with surprising language, explosive imagery, and emotional impact. In this collection, Kaecey McCormick documents the feminine experience with tenderness, humor, and candor."

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