• Kaecey McCormick

Improve Your Writing with Observation!

Have you ever been transported so completely by an author's writing that you could swear you'd been in the scene? Tasted what the characters tasted? Smelled what they smelled? Saw what they saw?

Incorporating observational writing as part of your writing practice can help you achieve the same effect in your fiction and creative nonfiction writing.

What's more? If you write poetry instead or practice another form of creativity, like visual art, observational writing can help you bring out astounding details that will leave your reader or viewer moved.

In this video from June 26, 2020, I discuss creativity in the news (1:02), explain what observational writing is (14:15), discuss why you want to practice observational writing (15:49), provide some tips for how to begin (18:42), and leave you with a writing challenge (26:33)!

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Happy writing!

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